Teaching Kids: “It’s My Jam!”

Suzanne Montalbano teaches Spanish at Alder Creek Middle School in Milwaukie.  She’s also the coach of the JV2 girls soccer team at Clackamas High School as well as the assistant coach of the girls Varsity soccer team.

She, like other teachers, had to switch gears big time over the last 14 months in order to teach kids remotely.  That was no easy task.  All this plus Suzanne had brain surgery at O-H-S-U last May and was back teaching just a couple of weeks later !

She says she learned a lot about alternate ways to teach during the pandemic that she can use in the classroom going forward.  She also praises staff and students for being able to make the adjustments that were needed during the last 14 months. She’s married to GUSTAV, who is the afternoon host on KINK.

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