Portland, Oregon – Today is the day you need to file your taxes! It’s Tax Day, April 15th. Today’s the last day to file your taxes without needing an extension. As of Friday, the IRS said there were 50-million who still needed to send in their taxes. The IRS reminds taxpayers not to rush when filing, because that leads to mistakes. Mistakes can lead to a delay in your refund, if you are getting one. The best way to file, they say, is electronically. They also say about 70% of taxpayers can file their tax return at no charge by using the IRS Free File software.

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden is supporting a new idea that would create a free tax prep alternative to things like Turbo Tax or H & R Block. But some critics say they don’t want Government competing with the private sector. Read more here on the Tax Payer First Act

Later this morning Wyden is holding a rally outside his Portland office to call on President Trump to release his tax returns to the public.

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