The pandemic may have kept people at home, but it also started the creative juices flowing, and there are a LOT of new food products out there!

Victoria Pustynsky founded Aurora Superior Sparkling Beverages. She and her team are making non alcoholic, plant based, sparkling drinks at a facility in Clackamas. Aurora is a line of sparkling beverages made with sustainably grown hemp and hops from the Pacific Northwest.


Another new company is Prime Roots, which makes plant based bacon products out of all-natural 100% whole food proteins. Kim Le studied microbiology in college, and her mom is a chef, so she combined the two to create Koji Bacon products.

We had some of our co-workers try these new products…Mitch Elliot from our sister station KINK tried the plant based MAC AND CHEESE, and our Annette Newell and her husband Graham checked out the new Aurora Hops sparkling beverages.


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