Strike Over In Camas And Kids Are Back To School

Camas, Wash. — The Camas Education Association (CEA) collective bargaining agreement was ratified by its members on Thursday, August 31, 2023. The Camas School District says this agreement reflects the district’s commitment to improving student success.

Key elements of the collective bargaining agreement include:

  1. Reduced Class Sizes: The agreement lowers class size limits to create a more favorable learning environment for students and enable teachers to offer personalized attention.
  2. Planning Time: Provisions in the agreement allocate additional time for educators to collaborate and engage in professional development, recognizing the importance of adequate planning time.
  3. Increased Substitute Teacher Pay: The agreement raises substitute teacher pay rates to attract qualified substitutes and support students and educators when needed.
  4. Special Education Supports: Additional support is provided for special education students, ensuring they have the resources and assistance necessary for success.
  5. Salary Increases: Compensation increases are part of the agreement to attract and retain exceptional educators.

Superintendent Dr. John Anzalone expressed gratitude for the collaborative efforts of the Camas School District and CEA in reaching this agreement, emphasizing the commitment to providing the best educational experience for students.

The 450+ members of the Camas Education Association (CEA) voted overwhelmingly to ratify the tentative agreement, paving the way for teachers and students to potentially return to classrooms on Friday, September 8, 2023.

The agreement includes specific details, such as reduced class sizes in elementary and defined baseline and maximum class sizes for secondary schools. Funding for PE, library, and music programs is also outlined, and educator wages will increase to align with local inflation.

The strike, which began on August 28, 2023, following months of negotiations, resulted in seven days of canceled school. Plans are being developed to make up for the lost instructional days in accordance with state requirements.

CEA members express their gratitude to the community for their support during the strike and stand in solidarity with Evergreen Education Association members who continue their strike until an agreement is reached.