Portland, Oregon – For several years you could barely walk on the sidewalk in front of the 7-11 store at Southwest 4th and Taylor. But now that’s changed recently because of a high pitch sound. This is what you would hear right in front of the store:

Even though some people might think that sound is inhumane and just not right, the side walk is clear of homeless, trash, and drug paraphernalia and for the first time in a long time the sidewalk in front of the store has been swept and washed down.

News partner KGW says passersby were very willing to talk about it. Owners of the building, Standard Insurance Company, look at the piercing sound as a way to safely move anyone loitering away from the area. They released a statement saying their goal is to protect the safety of their employees, tenants, and guests in a location that’s been consistently plagued by public drug use and menacing behavior. Adding “The sound is a safe tool to help address the problems that have persisted at this location.”

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Images courtesy of KXL’s Rosemary Reynolds


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