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Stomp If You Must Ladies; We Will Love You!

There has been some outrage in reaction to the trouncing the USA Women’s National Soccer Team put on Thailand in the first round of the 2019 Women’s World Cup.  The international press has, quite loudly cried foul.

Look, to these critics I must retort;

You have to understand, many of these USA women – are coming to get “that money”.  It’s also not just that.  Many of these USA women – believe it’s time to earn some serious “screen time”,  “prestige time”, and “dream time” for women’s soccer, in general.

They’re doing it for all of women’s soccer.

I think these USA Women made a conscious decision to keep their foot on the gas the other day.  “Let’s just go set a World Cup record real quick, no big deal.”



So be it.

“Write it down”.

13-0??  If I didn’t know any better, that would sound to me like Thailand stopped playing hard.

If ever I’m on a team that’s getting beaten that badly, I have a very difficult time maintaining my sanity.  In those situations, I’ve yelled a lot — sometimes at people on my own team.  During competition, I turn into a bit of a different person.  I consider the opposing team to be a little like an enemy…

So, I must say, from deep within the cave man football part of me that still exists…I love what happened with the USA Women and Thailand.  I want to take a nice bath in it and listen to Paul Simon in the background while it warms me….

My point, if you lost it, is that I encourage further stomping from these USA Women.  In fact, I can’t wait to see more.  I would like to see this team make history.

This could be a team that can say, “alright – let’s stop messing around and go shock the world.”

Go ahead and shock the world, ladies — stomp your way to the championship if you feel you need to — we will love you no matter what.

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