Steel Bridge Shut Down Due to Train Derailment

PORTLAND, Ore. — Portland Fire and Rescue says crews are on the scene of a reported train derailment on the east end of the Steel Bridge.   2 cars are fully derailed. One train car is leaning against bridge structural support column.  The bridge has been shut down and is now completely closed to all train, vehicle, and pedestrian traffic. A total of 6 train cars are involved, with 2 empty lumber cars fully derailed, and 4 other cars partially derailed. There are no reports of any injuries at this time.  There are no reported leaks so far.  Union Pacific engineers will start to assess the bridge’s stability. Portland Fire and Rescue says incident resources are now being pared down, this will be a protracted incident that will be addressed in coordination with Union Pacific as a plan is developed for mitigation of this derailment.

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