Squatters Move In And Trash Portland Man’s Apartment

PORTLAND, Ore. — A Northeast Portland man returned home from helping his injured mom to find that squatters had set-up a drug den in his apartment while he was gone.

We’ll call him Andy, because he fears retaliation if he’s identified. 

He left town to help his mom recover from a broken arm for several months, locked up his apartment at Milepost 5 in Northeast Portland. 

Then he got a call from apartment managers who told him 7 squatters moved in.  They took thousands of dollars of his possessions, in fact, most of what he owned, trashed the apartment and turned it into a drug den.

“I didn’t sleep at all for the first 24 hours,” Andy told our news partner KGW.  Then he realized how grateful he was for the community’s support after they set up a Go Fund Me to help him.

So far, police say they’ve made one arrest in this case, but are looking for more suspects.

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