Spring Fever Hits Portland on Warmest Day of the Year

(Photo Credit:  Steve Morgan)

PORTLAND, Ore — KGW Meteorologist Rod Hill is predicting a beautiful, spring day in the Rose City with high temperatures threatening 70 degrees.  It’s the last day of March and the warmest day of 2021.

Coming off a year of COVID-19 restrictions, this is certainly welcome news to a lot of people.  Rod says most people consider the optimum temp to be 72 degrees Fahrenheit, otherwise known as room temperature.  But says others consider that 70 number to be the cut-off for nice and warm shorts weather vs. maybe a little chilly.  And with summer temps getting up into the 80’s – too hot for many – today’s weather is awfully close to perfect.

As far as “Spring Fever” – Web M.D. and other publications and medical studies describe it as not necessarily a medical condition, but say there is plenty to the idea of how weather patterns can and will change moods and behavior patterns in people.

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