Solutions for Portland Public Schools Safety Debated After Shooting Incidents

After gunfire’s injured at least five students, a school board member says, “I’m tired of seeing our schools get shot up.”  So what’s the solution for Portland Public Schools?  He says, bring Portland Police officers, into schools.  That’s the proposed solution on the table, after a series of violent incidents near campuses.  

This past year, gunfire has erupted near Franklin, Cleveland and Jefferson High Schools.  Five students have suffered injuries. 

Portland Public Schools Board member Herman Greene, supports bringing officers into schools, and clashed with student representative Byronie McMahon.  “I don’t really care what the kids say,” said Greene.  McMahon opposes bringing officers into schools.

The board has not decided yet on whether to add Portland police officers and weapons detectors to schools.  Their next meeting is on May 23rd. 

Superintendent Guadalupe Guerrero launched a Task Force that’s focusing on changes – including the presence of Portland police officers and weapons detectors. 

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