Portland, Ore. – The sale of Alpenrose Dairy’s operations in Southwest Portland closed Monday. They are now owned by a Seattle-area dairy, Smith Brothers Farms. On the eve of the sale, cops were called to Alpenrose over a civil matter involving tenants on the property, according to Oregonlive. Two officers spent about an hour there. But no one was cited or arrested. One faction of the family that owned Alpenrose had tried to block the sale.

Yesterday Smith Brothers Farms released a statement on the sale:

Portland, OR, October 14, 2019—Effective today, Smith Brothers Farms of Kent, WA, is the new owner of Portland-based Alpenrose Dairy operations. With support from both boards of directors, the acquisition of the assets of Alpenrose Dairy means a promising future for the beloved brand and its employees.

“We have met with and hired nearly all existing employees of Alpenrose Dairy,” says Dustin Highland, CEO of Smith Brothers Farms and Alpenrose Dairy. “We look forward to working with them to strengthen the Alpenrose brand and expand the market for the high-quality products made by both dairies.”

The two century-old family dairies first announced the acquisition plan on August 16, 2019, indicating that the new entity will offer customers greater value and exceptional products and services throughout the entire Northwest. The acquisition involves the operational assets of the dairy only. The 50-plus acres of land on Shattuck Road in Portland where Alpenrose is located are not part of the Smith Brothers Farms acquisition and remain under current ownership.  Smith Brothers Farms will lease the part of the property where Alpenrose dairy operations are located.

“We are excited about the future and becoming engaged with members of the community that have supported Alpenrose Dairy for generations,” adds Highland.

Both companies were founded as family-owned dairies, producing high-quality dairy products sourced from Northwest farms. Their primary difference is in distribution channels. Alpenrose historically focused on retail and food service. Smith Brothers Farms is primarily known for home delivery in the Puget Sound area.

Smith Brothers Farms

Founded in 1920, Smith Brothers Farms is a family-owned and operated dairy, headquartered in Kent, WA. Smith Brothers Farms is one of the largest independent dairies in the region, processing milk and other fresh dairy products for schools, businesses and homes throughout the greater Puget Sound area. As the “Milkman to the Puget Sound,” Smith Brothers Farms delivers the freshest milk and select Northwest-inspired essentials and specialty foods to more than 50,000 customers every week. More information is available at www.smithbrothersfarms.com.

Alpenrose Dairy

The history of Alpenrose Dairy dates to 1891 when Swiss born Florian Cadonau began delivering milk in three-gallon cans by horse-drawn wagon from their dairy farm in southwest Portland to customers throughout the city. More information is available at www.alpenrose.com.

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