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Our Auto Expert Nik Miles

Nik has been a staple of the American broadcasting scene since the early 90s. Nik Is best known nationally for his Fox Sports and NBC Sports, TV show, and locally for his Morning show segments on 150 local stations.. With over 35 years of experience as a radio and TV host and 21 years as an automotive journalist, Nik has a witty and informative automotive perspective. Nik got his start in Radio as the #1 Portland and Seattle afternoon show. Nik was an early adopter of digital media and has been part of the YouTube landscape since 2006.

Our Auto Expert Nik Miles

Born in England, Nik has worked for the BBC, Tribune Broadcasting, CBS, Entercom, and many more major broadcast network companies. Nik has 6 dogs, Porsche, Samwise, Frodo, Gala, and Arwen, and has spent many years rescuing animals in need. Nik spends any free time he has at his house in Portland Oregon, Riding his Motorcycles and working with local charitable organizations. Whenever Nik appears on TV or Radio he wears Union Jack socks. This is his tribute to his homeland


Andrew started his radio career in 2001 working as an intern for the morning radio show and worked his way up to be co-host of the number one morning show in Portland and Seattle for years. This eventually led Andrew to TV, where he would become a content producer and creator with Nik Miles. Having done stories for CNN and NBC Sports.

Andrew Aasen

Andrew brings a unique driving perspective to the show. He has only been driving for four years and tends to look at cars differently than most. Born and raised in Portland Oregon, Andrew spends a lot of his free time playing Magic the Gathering and having fun with friends. He can either be found at a local gaming store, or inside of a new car trying to figure out all the buttons.