Showing Off Our Best Friends for National Dog Day!

Today is National Dog Day!!

We’re giving you the chance to show off your best friend.   We asked you for photos of your B.F.F.   Here’s KXL’s Grant McHill’s ANNIE:

Lar’s Larson’s SIR WINSTON CHURCHILL just turned 2!

Missy sent in DAVE:


Patrick sent in photos of PATTY and CLYDE:

Our traffic guy Jeff Austin’s IZZY:

James sent in a shot of BAXTER:

Here’s BENTLEY from Ryan:

Veronica’s friend Beau Duran works for a foster dog agency and her family ended up adopting MADGE from him:

Both of Veronica’s sisters have totally adorable dogs:  here’s WESLEY and GIDEON:

Here’s BUTTERS from Ron:

Staci has LEWIS:

Kory sent in a pic of STEWIE and DUDLEY:

Here’s TUCKER from Mark:

Here are OPIE and SASSY from Liz:


KXL Afternoon guy Tim Lantz loves his BAILEY, and BRANDY the terrified Terrier!

Here are KALUHA and DUDE from Patrick:

Here’s their sister ANNIE MAE:

Kery sent in 6 of her doggies!   STORMY, LUXIE, LOU, SOPHIA, STELLA, MAE, KANE AND KREACHER:

Michael sent in a pic of SERGEANT:

Here are PAIGE, KARMIN and FAZZY from Rita:

Mark sent in photos of KEVIN and TESS from Baker City:


KXL’s Jon Eric Smith has these two cuties:


Mike sent in a pic of HOOEY and his little sister JUNO:

Here’s Danny’s OZZIE:

Steven loves his LUCY:


Rick says MOLLY is sweet & sassy:

Here is one I’ll call TOTAL CUTENESS!   Jane sent a pictures of LULU and LEIA:


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