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Sherwood High Football Team Dealing With Push Back Over Flag Used To Honor A Former Graduate

SHERWOOD, Ore–  The display of the thin blue line flag came under scrutiny at the first football game at Sherwood High School last Friday evening.  Apparently, some parents and students took offense when the team displayed the flag to honor Sgt. Jason Gooding a former graduate and player. Sgt. Gooding worked for  Seaside Police. He was murdered 5 years ago .  Parents took to Facebook and other Social Media saying the display was disgusting and that the flag really is a way to push “Blue Lives Matter”.  The team has always felt good about honoring Gooding. Now members are upset and looking for answers. FM News 101 has been working to find out what’s going to happen next.  Will the team no longer honor Sgt. Gooding? Stop using the Flag?  Here is the letter written to parents from Bowmen Football Head Coach Greg Lawrence:

Dear Parents,

I’m sure it has been brought to your attention that our program has come under scrutiny for flying the Thin Blue Line flag before our game last Friday night.  It has been a tradition the past several years since we honored former Bowmen player Sgt Jason Gooding passing in the line of duty as a police officer for the city of Seaside.  In those years there has never been a problem or anything said about this tradition.  Friday night we continued that tradition and Sunday evening I found out that it was offensive to some of our students and other members of our community.  I have learned that the meaning of the flag has a different meaning to others and it is offensive.  In no way was the intent of us flying the flag to make a political statement or to offend others.
I talked with all the players yesterday and talked about how we are family and brothers and we want to respect the feelings of our teammates and classmates. This is a great teaching and learning moment that we need to be compassionate and understanding of other people’s views.  In a family we can disagree with each other but we still respect each other and if it isn’t good for some of us it isn’t good for all of us.
The team is coming up with another way to honor our fallen former teammates that will not include flying that flag.  I have never been on social media but our sons are on it and there continues to be things out there that are negative to our team and the players are taking it hard.  Please take the time to talk with them and comfort them and let them know they are good kids.  I am extremely sorry this has happened.  I love everyone of your boys and when they hurt I hurt.

Go Bowmen!!
Coach Lawrence



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