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“Several” Arrests Made During Friday Evening Demonstrations

Demonstrations continued in the City of Portland Friday night.

Portland Police say several hundred demonstrators marched from Revolution Hall to Grant High School in Northeast Portland.

The demonstrators were said to of peacefully assembled and spoke for hours.

Police however say a second group of protesters began congregating at the Justice Center around 8 p.m.

The group gathered at the fence line at Southwest Third Avenue and Southwest Main Street.

Police say “Officers observed demonstrators shake and climb the fence, cut holes in the fence and throw many projectiles over the fence. Several people came through the holes in the fence and ran back into the crowd.”

According to Police, demonstrators began throwing things like road flares, glass bottles, marbles (via sling shot devices) and metal pipes over the fence.

Portland Police said some people took down the fence around the Federal Court house in the area of Southwest 3 Avenue and Southwest Main Street.

Around 12:26 a.m. police declared a civil disturbance.

Portland Police say “The crowd was given ample opportunity to disperse and were warned if they did not do so, they were subject to arrest or force. Officers began dispersing the crowd just after 12:40 a.m. Several arrests were made.”

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