PORTLAND, Ore. — One week after President Biden’s visit,  another big name elected leader comes to Portland to support Tina Kotek’s bid for Governor. 

Supporters cheered as they heard, “Hello team Tina!”  At a rally at the Wonder Ballroom in Portland, former Presidential candidate and current Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren pleaded for supporters to keep door-knocking, phone-banking and rallying support around Kotek, who is in a tight three way race with republican Christine Drazan, and independent Betsy Johnson.  “”I didn’t come here because I believe this is a safe seat. I came here because Oregon is dangerously close to flipping red, and we have 17 election days to keep that from happening,” said Warren.   “We gotta give it everything we have in this fight.”      She said that if the election were a two person race, Kotek would be ahead easily, but with a third candidate on the ballot, a republican could win.  She stressed that voting, reproductive rights, the environment and the economy are at stake in this election.

Drazan got a supporting campaign visit last week from Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin:

Johnson insists she is not a spoiler in the race, and feels she is the best person for the job.

Polls show Kotek and Drazan statistically tied, with Johnson trailing.  

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