Seismic Worries At Detroit Dam, Public Hearing Scheduled

DETROIT, Ore—The area has certainly seen enough tragedy from the wildfires of Fall 2020.  Now, The Army Corps of Engineers plans to take a good hard look at the Detroit Dam and locks built in 1953. It’s concerned about the Cascadia Subduction Zone and what might happen if an earthquake would occur.  As part of a dam safety program engineers will simulate an earthquake to see how severely the dam could be impacted.  Of great concern is the performance of the spillway gate and arms.  If those buckle vast sums of water could flood the area in an uncontrolled release.

Part of the hazard protective plan includes dropping the water level in Detroit Lake late this Summer  5 feet for several days around Labor Day.  The Army Corps says the impact to recreational activities should be minimal.  Written comment may be submitted through March 30th.

A public hearing online is scheduled for Monday March 22nd from 5PM to 7PM. Virtual WebEx Meeting


Call in: USA Toll-Free (844) 800-2712

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