Search and Rescue Groups Already Busy This Spring

PORTLAND, Ore—Mountain Wave Search & Rescue is made up of trained volunteers. About 90 of them are ready to go at any given time. The group has a strong will to find people so they won’t give up easily.  One of the things crews have run into is that trails aren’t the same as they were prior to the Eagle Creek Fire 4 years ago. When the older  Tigard man was lost above Horsetail Falls  for several days, theK-9’s  wanted to go another way it was different than what the map showed.  Deer and other wild animals can change the trails.

Anyone traveling in the gorge and maybe even thinking about going on a hike should carry a small backpack. Fill it with wool socks, a jacket,snacks, water and a fully charged cell phone. Take a baggy with several days worth of extra medication. Wear synthetic clothing like nylon.  Cotton in shirts blouses and jeans keep you cold and damp if they get wet.  wear or take along trail appropriate shoes. No flip flops or Crocs. Be sure to tell someone where you are going and when you plan to return. Gaia GPS is a great app to put on your phone. It logs your steps and keeps track of where you are. if you get tired and want to go back the way you came. It will show you how to do that. Anyone interested in volunteer opportunities can find more information on the Mountain Wave Search & Rescue website.


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