Sea Coaster?

Would you want a roller coaster on your cruise ship?  What do you think?

I admit I’ve never been on a cruise ship, but I picture it to be a place you’d go and relax on the deck, let the sun hit your face, take a dip in the pool, eat at the buffet, things like that.   It seems, that’s not enough for people these days and cruise ships are stepping up their game. Take, for instance, the new Carnival Cruise plan to feature the first roller coaster at sea.

“THE BOLT: Ultimate Sea Coaster” will debut in 2020 when the Mardi Gras hits the high seas for the first time.
It includes 800 feet of track and will reach speeds of nearly 40 mph. It will be 187 feet above the ocean.

Take a look below.

By the way, I talked to some workers at Vigor Industrial at Swan Island.  They said the strangest thing they’ve seen on a cruise ship is a go kart race track on the top deck.   They repair cruise ships at their dock in North Portland.


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