Scammers Posing As DMV In Phishing Scheme

SALEM, Ore. — The Department of Motor Vehicles likely does not owe you money and they will not try to reach you by text message, but a scam just like that is making the rounds.

People have contacted the DMV saying they’ve received a text message or email claiming that a refund is available with a link to click on to provide their payment information.  The message is fake and is a phishing scam.

“DMV does not text customers to let them know about a payment issue, or issue refunds via text message,” says DMV Customer Services Manager Katie Hafner.

DMV urges you not to click on any links and delete the message.  You can also block the number it came from.

If you were due a refund, it would be issued via the credit/debit card you paid with, or through the mail.  They will not text or call to inform you either.

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