Saving Lives One Day at a Time

Kasey Edwards Snider works with people going through crisis every day.  She is part of a team working at Providence in Milwaukie called “Project Nurture“.    Counselors to out on the streets to meet with pregnant and homeless women who are battling drug addiction.   They offer peer support, case management, Obstetrics and primary care, medication-based treatment for substance use disorders and counseling and advocacy services throughout the pregnancy, delivery and postpartum experiences.

It’s not an easy job and Kasey has to work to keep from taking it home with her.  Then her husband Joe had his own mental health breakdown.  He says Kasey saved his life and he nominated her as our KXL Everyday Hero.


According to the National Association of Mental Illness, one in five Americans are dealing with mental health issues, and the numbers have increased because of the COVID pandemic.


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