Sandy, Ore. – The Mayor of Sandy Stan Pulliam is against the statewide two-week freeze order from Governor Kate Brown. Mayor Pulliam is pleading with officials to please reconsider the order due to the financial impacts it’s having on small businesses in his community who are already struggling. He says instead of a shutdown, he wants more education on virus precautions, his vulnerable residents to limit their activities, and everyone to mask up and keep a safe space.

Mayor Pulliam is also not happy about having his limited law enforcement resources now burdened with having to enforce the order. The Mayor says the one size fits all order doesn’t work for everyone it’s affecting.  The Mayor opposed the Governor’s first shutdown back in March. He says he’s worried if this continues, it could only get worse for local businesses and communities who are barely hanging on as it is.

Mayor Pulliam and city council heard from local business owners and customers during their meeting on Monday night. City officials talked about what options they have as a city to oppose the order and not follow it. The city’s Chief of Police also spoke about plans to enforce the order. You can watch the video of the meeting above.

Small businesses in Sandy can apply for a new $3,000 grant to help them stay afloat during the freeze. The city council approved the 33 grants for $3,000 dollars each to go out to businesses. They are giving preference to shops applying on the city’s website – who didn’t receive a similar grant back in April, and to shops with fewer than 25 workers. Mayor Pulliam anticipates a change in administrations in Washington D.C. could mean more gridlock on Capitol Hill, and no more federal covid relief anytime soon. So that’s why he’s trying to help at the city level now.

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