Rose Festival Treasure Found At East Delta Park In North Portland

Portland, Ore. – Congratulations to Neal Dietz! Neal found the hidden Rose Festival Medallion this morning around 10:30am, inside some yellow tubing on a baseball field fence at East Delta Park.

He tells KXL’s Jacob Dean, a fellow treasure hunter, “It’s like that feeling you get when you get a steelhead or salmon into the boat and your hands are shaking. Did I really find this again?”

Neal is one of only a couple hunters who’ve found the treasure twice. He also found it three years ago near Ft. Vancouver. His advice for other hunters looking for the treasure: get a hunting partner or a group together to bounce ideas off of each other. Also put boots on the ground! It takes a lot of dedication, researching history, but also you have to go out into the field to look for clues too. Neal says he was searching the Delta park area for a couple days and took note of the names of the baseball fields at Delta Park. Today’s clue referred to the names of those fields and helped put him on the treasure.

Neal even donated his $500 prize back to the Rose Festival Foundation non-profit to help them during the Covid-19 pandemic, and help keep the hunt alive in the future. Rich Jarvis from the Rose Festival says they were absolutely elated by Neal’s generosity. Neal also thanked the Rose Festival for hosting this hunt during this very challenging year. So you’ll want to brush up on your history and get ready for the hunt in the future.

Check the Rose Festival website here – for updates on this year’s clue explanations.

Listen to the full interview with Neal Dietz and KXL’s Jacob Dean here:

Rose Festival’s Rich Jarvis confirms Neal found it this morning:

Here are photos shared on Facebook of Neal’s exciting reenactment this morning:

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