Reynolds School Back to Remote Learning Due to Fights, Emotional Issues

A local school’s put a two week stop, to in- person learning, because of fights and struggles over COVID-19 protocols and socialization skills for in person learning.

 Starting Monday, Reynolds Middle School Students will go back to remote learning for at least two weeks.  

Safety is the issue, according to  Steve Padilla with Reynolds School District.  He says the pause comes after fights and struggles with COVID-19 rules.  “This isn’t something we’ve gone through before,” he says.

Karley Strouse a school psychologist for Salem-Keizer Public Schools, tells our news partner KGW other schools are struggling too, as students come out of isolation with emotional issues. “We definitely are in a mental health crisis right now,” she says. 

Remote learning will begin November 22.   Students will also take November 18 and 19 off to allow teachers to prepare.

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