REPORT: Schools In Oregon Starting To Rebound From The Pandemic

SALEM, Ore. – A new report from the Oregon Department of Education finds that schools are returning to pre-pandemic levels.

The “2021-22 At-A-Glance School and District Profiles” report finds that as students returned to the classroom full time last school year, more became on track to graduate on time, staffing levels grew, and class sizes shrank.

“While we must continue to back students with the academic, social, emotional and mental health support they need, it’s encouraging to see the critical 9th Grade On-Track numbers rise as students returned to in-person instruction,” said Oregon Department of Education Director Colt Gill. “Daily in-person instruction helps students receive the close attention and support they need to learn and thrive. The more students can come to school, the more we can meet their individual needs and help them succeed.”

Key Statewide Information From the ODE

 The statewide 9th Grade On-Track data shows a nine percentage point increase during the 2021-22 school year. While still slightly below pre-pandemic levels, this shows schools were able to support students as they re-entered full time, in-person instruction. 9th Grade On-Track is an important predictor of graduation outcomes and informs educators about which students need additional support to graduate on-time. The statewide 9th Grade On-Track figure declined 11 percentage points the previous academic year, 2020-21.

 Statewide hiring of school district staff (including teachers and counselors) rebounded and grew above pre-pandemic levels.

 Class sizes in 2021-22 were generally two to three students smaller than in 2018-19.

 The regular attender rate for the 2021-22 school year was down nearly 15.7% from the 2018- 19 school year. The COVID-19 Delta surge in the fall and the Omicron surge in the winter and spring dramatically impacted student attendance.

 The profiles include college going rates (including public and private 2-year and 4-year schools) for Class of 2020 graduates. This is the percentage of graduates that enrolled in postsecondary education by Fall 2021. College going rates declined from 61.8% for the Class of 2018 to 56.4% for the Class of 2020. These declines are similar to national college enrollment declines between Fall 2019 to Fall 2021. Declines were greater for older college students.

 For the first time ever, the profiles feature data on students in foster care.

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