Reo’s Ribs Gets Cleaned Up Outside By Boosters

PORTLAND, Ore– The Hollywood Boosters Business Association took a part of the day to cleanup the outside of  what was Reo’s Ribs Restaurant in Northeast Portland. The popular BBQ spot was in an eye-catching building  on  42nd and Sandy , it had a second arson event on November 23, 2020.   The first time the building was torched was in 2017.  20 or more members of the Boosters organization repainted the building  today removing the graffiti spray painted in Red and Black.

Maura White, President says,” This has been a real eye-sore and one of the first things people see when they walk or drive by.  It’s not the impression our business community wants to be known for.”

“Tagging buildings shows such great disrespect for an area of town.  Businesses are depressed by this and the pandemic, White remarks it’s sad.”  Even though a contractor is working inside the building nobody seems to know if Reo’s Ribs is coming back or if the building is going to be leased out by another business.

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