Reopening Not Worse Than Closing Permanently

SANDY, Ore—“The Governor’s mandates are devastating to small communities like Sandy, ” According to Mayor Stan Pulliam.   The mayor and his family stopped by a local restaurant to eat on New Years Day.  He thought foot traffic was decent.  More businesses opened over the weekend.  “It’s kind of an odd feeling to be against the Governor’s mandate and yet it was a good feeling too hearing stories about coming in with flags singing patriotic songs with tears in their eyes.”

The Governor has threatened to come down hard on local business owners.  Businesses  in Sandy noticed there were no consequences for riot and causing mass destruction downtown. Main street stores expect to be visited by OHSA.  That arm of the state has been authorized to fine those that defy the Governor’s orders. A legal defense fund has been set up to help businesses.  Owners can easily access assistance from attorneys.

Adrien Plourde with Mountain Moka says, ” most of our business is to go anyway. We’re lucky where others haven’t been.  No inside seating has changed the environment of the cafe.  The rain is keeping people from sitting outside on the deck too.”

Adrien comments health and fitness centers are taking the brunt of the restrictions. She tires to be supportive of other places to eat by ordering food to go.

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