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Remembering How “Operation Overlord” Saved Us

I do truly love and admire this day and the brave people who lived it. 

I’ve already told you how nerdy I am about gaming.  I’m also – a HUGE nerd about U.S. military history.

I grew up that way.  Ever since I can remember being alive – since I could read….I was always interested in the wars we’ve fought.  I don’t exactly know where that came from, but I’m pretty sure it has something to do with my dad (more on that in an upcoming blog.)

Anyway, for so many people – D-Day is just “another thing” they remember from history class in school.  They know it was an important occasion and they know it’s appropriate to stop and pay respects…but so many people don’t know just how pivotal Operation Overlord was….to the history of humanity.

It is arguable – that if the Allied armies had not been successful on this SINGLE day…Hitler would have been able to make “Fortress Europa” absolutely impregnable.  There would not have been another viable opportunity for Allied forces to invade…plain and simple.

Furthermore, if the Allies had failed at D-Day – A “Western Front” would never have been established in Europe during WW2 – and it is also arguable – Hitler’s armies could have held the Russians at bay in the East – perhaps long enough to negotiate a favorable peace settlement….where Nazi Germany was allowed to survive….

That’s not to mention another much more unsettling potentiality.

The Nazi’s were working on “The A Bomb” – just like we were.  And they were working on long range bombers to deliver it…just like we were.  

Hitler’s underlings had already developed plans “in concept” to bomb the U.S. if or when the time came.  You’ll have to read about it, but that is a fact.

You know that show “Man In The High Castle”??  If not – check it out (and the book, of course.). In 1944 – we were “this close” to seeing history move in that direction.  We were.

But – then there was D-Day….

The U.S., British, and Canadian troops who took the beaches of Normandy this day – 75 years ago, as well as the free French Resistance fighters who helped Allied troops — helped save the free world.    They helped save us.

We owe so much to them.  I’m taking today to remember that.

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