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Refereeing the Teacher/Student battle

Who’s right, your child, or the teacher, or the other student?  How do you get involved in these battles?


One of the unexpected parts of being a parent are the times when you have to decide whether to ‘go to bat’ for your kid when he or she gets in trouble, or to let them figure it out on their own.  It’s a topic our  Parenting Expert Janet Allison from Boys Alive Dot Com is tackling.

One mom posted in the Boys Alive! Facebook group that her son was accused of “stabbing” a girl in the head with a pencil. However, the son insisted that he “tapped” her on the head with the eraser end

Who do you believe?  What do you do from here?

Janet Allison is holing a free online webinar this Thursday at 9 am.  You’ll learn what RED FLAGS to look for – and how to make the decision to take action or allow your child to handle the situation.

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