Red Cross Will Come to Your House for a Safety Checkup

Every time we change to clocks, we hear the message that we need to check our smoke alarms too, but, do we actually do it?   Chances are there are many of us who don’t.

I take it even further than that.  Not only do I neglect to check the batteries, I also used a broom to knock my fire alarm off the ceiling because it kept going off.  Ooops!

My friend, and former KXL News Director and Morning Show Anchor Rebecca Marshall now works for the American Red Cross, and asked if she could bring her team to my house for a safety check-up.   They’re doing that as part of the Sound The Alarm campaign.  Crew members are traveling to homes around the Northwest this month.

I learned a lot, and now have four smoke detectors installed in my home!  You can hear more here:



Photo by Veronica Carter
Photo by Rebecca Marshall
Photo by Rebecca Marshall

Sign up for a home check with the American Red Cross here.

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