Recent Heat a Reminder of Deadly 2021 Heat Dome

PORTLAND, Ore. — The high temperature at Portland’s PDX Airport Sunday was officially 99 degrees.  So, we didn’t quite reach that triple digit mark.  We did get into the 90’s on Saturday and Monday’s high is expected to in the mid-90’s.  Tomorrow, we are set to be right back into the upper 70’s.  This recent heat wave is the first and by far the hottest of the year here in 2022.  In late June last year, it was a whole different story.

The record-setting heat dome of 2021 brought highs of 108, 112 and 116 degrees on June 26th-28th.  Ironically, the Oregon Medical Examiner reports 116 total heat related deaths in the state.  The death tolls rose steadily from the 30’s to the 60’s, 90’s, over 100 and to eventually settle at that remarkable number.  Nearly 3/4’s of the people who died were 60 years or older.

Multnomah County reminds people to take as many precautions as possible to prepare for extreme heat for days on end.  Even temps like we saw this weekend can be too much for the most vulnerable.  They also say we should check on our loved ones frequently.  Volunteer staff members handed out heat kits this weekend.

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