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Ray’s Going To The Dark Side?

By: Jim Ferretti

Anytime I get the chance to talk about Star Wars, I am going to do it!

Unlike a lot of people, I have loved all of the latest trilogy.  Is it different than the originals? Of course it is and I think that is what makes it great.

Saturday at the D23 Fan Convention, a special look was unveiled and then it was uploaded for the world to see Monday morning.

Wait!  Was that a red light saber?  Was that Ray?  OMG WHAT IS HAPPENING!

When I showed the video to my 10 year old this morning before leaving for work she was super excited, right up until Ray hit the screen with the red light saber.  She looked over at me with this stunned look, “Ray’s going to the dark side?”.  How do you answer that?  “I don’t know hun, maybe?”

We also  have a tradition in our family, well at least we do since my daughter started watching these new movies with me and became my mini-me.  I typically go see them with a buddy on opening night and then I take her to a weekend morning showing.  She looked at me straight faced a few weeks back  “Dad, can I see the movie with your first this time?  I don’t want to wait to see what happens.”  I had to break the news to her that I usually go see it at 11pm on a Thursday and that would make Friday school pretty tough for her but, we’ll see.

Needless to say, December 20th will be an exciting day in the Ferretti household.

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