Somebody PLEASE fire Portland State University President Ann Cudd.

The Trustees of this failed institution should hold her responsible for failing to act when a group took over its main library.  

A pro-terrorism activist group did extensive and expensive damage.

And get this…out of 30 people arrested, only six were students. 

Cudd owed them nothing but DID nothing when they broke the law.

She offered the criminals everything they wanted…no punishment, no expulsion, no charges. And this is what she got, and we get to pay for it.

Cudd’s Neville Chamberlain style of leadership fits Oregon well, though.

Governor’s ignore small fires that turn into infernos, kill people and wipe out towns.

Leaders ignore drug legalization till literally thousands die.

Oregon declares sanctuary status for illegals and they deliver more rape and murder.

Mayor Feckless Ted ignores crime and violence till Portland scores the highest office vacancy rate in all of America.

But most of those trustees have paycheck jobs at other failed government agencies, so don’t expect much from that bunch.

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