Providence Requiring Caregivers To Say Yes Or No To Newest COVID-19 Vaccine Or Face Possible Termination

Portland, Ore — In a letter to staff of the Providence Family Of Organizations, staff was told they have until November 30th to receive the newest COVID-19 Vaccine, or decline in writing or they could be terminated.

The email says the medical system is updating its COVID-19 Vaccination Policy and caregivers need to receive the most up-to-date COVID-19 vaccine available.   KXL reached out to a Providence spokesperson to clarify and received the following email in return:

“Your information is not accurate. We are NOT requiring caregivers to get the COVID vaccine.

We are requiring caregivers who work in our hospitals, clinics, and office spaces to either get the vaccine OR sign a form declining it by Nov. 30.

We use the same approach every fall with the flu vaccine, either get the vaccine or sign a declination form.”

When KXL tried to again clarify the above statement about caregivers, we received the following email in return:

“The requirement for flu and COVID vaccines is either get the shot or sign a form declining to get the shot.”

In the email to staff, Providence says “Caregivers who do not obtain a COVID-19 vaccine or decline by Nov. 30 may be removed from the schedule, place on unpaid leave and may be subject to termination for continued non-compliance with their facility policy.”

Executive Director of Communications for Providence Providence Oregon issued the following statement when asked about the possible termination of employees.

“After Nov. 30, Providence will continue to work with caregivers to help bring them into compliance with our policy. All declinations are automatically accepted. There is no approval process.

Just as with any other policy, caregivers who continue to be out of compliance face additional actions, including being removed from the schedule, being placed on unpaid leave and facing the possibility of termination.”