Police say that a protest formed around a man holding a knife in downtown Portland.

Friday afternoon police were called out on a welfare check outside an apartment building on Southwest 4th Avenue.

Authorities were told that a man had jumped from a second story window and allegedly pulled out a knife, waving it around a people and cars going by.

Police say the 30 year old man showed them the knife, held it to his neck and said he would kill himself if they came any closer.

Police say that a crisis team officer began speaking to the man in crisis, while other officers tried to clear the area.

The officers learned that the man “was schizophrenic and extremely paranoid.”

Police continue that “he not only threatened to kill himself, he said he would hurt others as well.”

According to Police, say the negotiation last about an hour and half before two different crowds of protestors began showing up.

Police say “ Some in the crowd began chanting, and one even started using a bullhorn.”

Police continue that the noise made it difficult for officers to speak to the man.

 The man’s mother arrived and begged the crowd to stop, however most in the crowd continued, police said.

According to police some in the crowd began threatening the officers.

A supervisor then requested more personnel and other officers were sent In.

After 3 hours of negotiation, police ultimately decided to take the man into custody.

Police say that a k9 unit began barking to divert his attention so that officers could approach him.

Police used a taser “to prevent him from using the knife.”

Police say he was taken to an area hospital by ambulance.