Princess Tori Lopez

Princess Maria (Tori) Lopez

Metro West – Tigard Senior High School

Future education & career plans:
Tori plans to attend George Fox University and would like to study Biology as a Pre-Med major. She plans to pursue a career in Pediatric Surgery.

High School Activities & Honors:
Golf team. Social Media Chairman for the Speech & Debate team. She serves in multiple clubs, including Key Club, Sparrow, National Honor Society, Spanish National Honor Society and the Finger Painting club.

Hobbies and special interests:
Volunteering at Bonaventure to spend quality time with the memory care patients. Tori also enjoys mentoring high school students at the Hillsboro Airport, where they are building an airplane in a hanger.

What is your favorite place to visit in Portland and why?
“The Farmers market because it gives me the opportunity to explore the diversity in Portland. I love how in this one place, you can see such a range of the unique and beautiful…My favorite memory was the time I bought a necklace from a woman who has been working there for thirty years. She shared with me…how she wouldn’t trade any of it because she feels it’s an opportunity to sell something she loves in an environment that is wonderful.

What are you most proud of during your high school career?
“I am proud of many things about my high school career, but most of all I’m proud of all the memories I’m creating with the people around me. Memories like going to Shari’s after football games, dancing in the rain, getting my first A on an IB Chemistry test, watching Disney movies all night, and so many more.”

What is your favorite Rose Festival event and why?

“A small pin in my ‘memory box’ reminds me of my favorite event at Rose Festival. I attended the Grand Floral parade with my family along with some friends when I was in third grade, and our friends had seven children! The older kids pushed me back on the crowd and I was having a hard time seeing the parade. One Rosarian saw me struggling and took off his pin, then placed it in my palm while giving me a big smile and wave! He made me feel so special. I can’t imagine how many people have been blessed by a wave or a smile during the parade. It was those countless memories that continue to make this parade very special to me.”

Unitus Community Credit Union Mentor: Corlinda Wooden, Unitus CCU

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