Portland, Ore. – A new middle school is about to open on a busy road in Southeast Portland once again. Portland Public Schools wants to hear from you about their plan as they finalize it. The all new Kellogg Middle School is almost ready to go, at the same site where it’s always been at, Southeast 69th and Powell. The old brick Kellogg Middle School building that was 105-years-old was torn down in 2018. The PPS district just released it’s first draft of their proposal to redraw boundaries of nearby schools that will feed into the new Kellogg, and plans to change some of those other nearby schools. A coalition of parents and principals has met three times to come up with a proposal, and they are still finalizing it.  The district is hosting virtual town hall meetings on the plan this Sunday October 18th, and on December 3rd.

During a recent PPS Board meeting District superintendent Guadalupe Guerrero talked about the key highlights of the plan so far: Kellogg reopens, Harrison Park K-8 becomes just a middle school, and ther nearby K-8 schools become K-5 schools. The idea is to phase out the K-8 model. PPS is proposing changing six of its eight K-8 schools into either elementary or middle schools, including Arleta, Creston, Marysville and Lent- would become elementary schools and feed into a rebuilt Kellogg.

Watch the video above to see A PPS SE Guiding Coalition Meeting.

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Some local parents have told us they’re concerned about the new Kellogg being so close to SE Powell now and the possibility of a car crashing into the school. For example a driver recently suffered a medical event behind the wheel and went through a wall at Gresham City Hall.

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