Postal Service Expects Busy Holidays

SEATTLE, Wa.–Last year the U.S. Postal Service delivered 2.5 billion pieces of first class mail during the holidays.  This year could even be busier because of COVID-19.  USPS will share the deliveries with Amazon and United Parcel Service. In 2019 20 million packages a day were processed and sent all over the U.S.

Ernie Swanson with the U.W. Postal Service in Seattle says, ” if you have a way to weigh your packages at home you cant print the postage attach it and wait until you see your letter carrier then you can pass it off rather than wait in long lines.”  More part time employees are picking hours preparing packages for delivery. Key days to remember:

December 14th heavy mailing day

December 19th priority mail

December 23rd last day to send priority mail express

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