Portland Start-up Clinch Golf Makes Innovate New Golf Glove

PORTLAND, Ore. — The guys behind 2-year-old Portland start-up Clinch Golf say they’re golf nuts who wanted to push back against the Northwest rainy season by creating a new golf glove they think fits that bill.

Clinch Golf Co-founders Matt Mahoney and Jason Delsodato came up with the idea of using a leather alternate with other fabrics and designs to make a glove that should last longer and perform better in all kinds of conditions – especially wet.

After beta-testing using golfers of all abilities, they settled on the right materials and fit and placed their first order.  Matt says they’re just about ready to bring in a much larger shipment to get on the hands of golfers this season.  They are committed to serving online consumers but are also working to get their gloves and other products in retail stores.

Clinch Golf set up a booth at the Portland Golf Show last weekend.  Below, you can hear Brett Reckamp’s interview with Matt from the show as heard Wednesday on Portland’s Morning News.

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