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Portland Protests Enter Fourth Week

June 15th File Image (Courtesy: KGW)

PORTLAND, Ore. — Protesters gathered for about six hours in downtown Portland on Sunday evening, marking the 25th straight night of demonstrations in the city.

A crowd began to gather outside the Multnomah County Justice Center around 7:30pm.  They set up cones and sandbags to block traffic on Southwest 3rd Avenue between Main and Madison Street, forcing cars to go the wrong way down a one-way street.  Police gave several verbal warnings over the sound truck and threatened the crowd with arrest.  Arrests were made after nearly two hours of protesters occupying the street.  As officers were leaving the area, they were hit with items that were thrown and flashed with lasers.

The group returned to the street on Southwest 3rd just before 11:00pm and a man carrying a rifle was spotted in the crowd.  The sound truck once again gave warnings to stay out of the street.  They marched to the front doors of Central Precinct around 11:30 and began tampering with the front doors.  The sound truck again warned the crowd to clear the street and not tamper with the doors.  Officers made a targeted arrest, moving demonstrators onto the sidewalk.  One person requested medical assistance.

Protesters marched back to 3rd Avenue near Madison just after midnight and stood in the street despite more repeated warnings.  Targeted arrests of individuals who refused to leave the street were again made after 12:30am while demonstrators threw plastic bottles at officers.

A crowd between 80 and 100 people remained in Champan Park past the midnight park closure.  They cleared out before 2:00am.

19 people were arrested a 15 year-old juvenile was detained.

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