Portland Premiere… The Chasing Grace Project

Jennifer Cloen and Lucinda Kay

The docu-series premiered at Portland’s Hollywood Theater, it’s called The Chasing Grace Project. It features women in technology; their challenges and celebrations. It includes six episodes, each focused on different women, different topics, in different cities. This first episode shines a spotlight on the pay gap between women and men in equal positions, future episodes will tell stories about harassment, female founders, access to the best jobs, the decision to leave or stay in tech and the role of male allies, “the series will illustrate how we pave the way forward.”

“Tech jobs represent the most lucrative jobs in the world” Executive Producer, Jennifer Cloer is from Portland. She continues, “women both deserve and need access to these opportunities and the desire to pursue them. We need women and more minorities building technologies that today are being consumed by an increasingly global and diverse population.”

We attended the premiere and interviewed the producers from Wicked Flicks, Cloer and Gary Schillinger. We met several women featured in this first series, “Eighty Twenty”. Each one LOVES technology and all its future promise. Check out the interviews:




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