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Early Thursday morning, the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) made a significant move, arresting a total of 12 individuals, including four Portland State University (PSU) students, during the clearance of the PSU library of pro-Palestinian protesters. PPB announced the completion of the library clearing around 10:20 a.m., although a substantial crowd lingered outside the library premises.

Inside the library, officers discovered an array of items, including tools, improvised weapons, ball bearings, paint balloons, spray bottles of ink, and DIY armor. Despite the presence of these items, Portland police clarified that none were utilized against law enforcement personnel.

PPB’s operation commenced at approximately 6 a.m., with the establishment of a perimeter around the library and the closure of several adjacent blocks. This move followed PSU’s decision to initially reopen the campus on Thursday, subsequently reversing course and announcing its closure for a third consecutive day.

At 9 a.m., PSU issued a shelter-in-place directive for Montgomery and Blackstone Halls, citing ongoing police activity in the vicinity.

PPB’s instructions to protesters were broadcasted via a sound truck, warning of second-degree trespass arrests for those remaining within Millar Library and the South Park blocks. Subsequently, around 50 minutes later, a revised message announced the commencement of arrests for second-degree trespass.

Throughout the morning, PPB officers conducted a thorough search of the library, encountering barricades along their path. By 9 a.m., the roof and multiple floors had been cleared, although PPB noted that considerable work remained.

PPB Chief Bob Day informed KGW that some protesters attempted to flee around 9 a.m., resulting in their apprehension. Those who managed to evade capture are still liable for potential arrest and prosecution in the future.

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