Portland Group Feeds Those Displaced by Nakia Creek Fire

The Nakia Creek Fire in Clark County has forced hundreds of people to evacuate.   A non profit group in Portland has jumped in to help feed those in shelters, and the front line workers who are trying to help them, along with the firefighters working on getting that fire out.

FEED THE MASS was founded by Jacobsen Valentine in 2016. He believes that everyone has the right to reliable, high quality nutrition.  That means they’re not just slapping together peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  They’re putting together delicious meals that can be easily re-heated, and they do it every day.

Hear their story here:

They always need donations, monetary or food and supplies, and would love to have you volunteer!  You can do that here.

Feed the Mass wants to fight food insecurity and food waste at the source, and has a goal to hand out 10 thousand meals a month!  You can donate here.


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