Portland Firefighters Immunized Over Three Days

PORTLAND, Ore.– A group of 235 members of Portland Fire and Rescue received their first dose of the vaccine to fight the coronavirus. 200 more will roll up their sleeves both tomorrow and Saturday.

Fire Chief Sara Bonne says,”This has been the hardest year of her career. it’s a lonely place to make sure your entire workforce remains safe. I understand about risk and minimizing it before our crews go into situations where they are exposed to things that could immediately take their lives. From the start of the pandemic nothing has changed but now we have access to vaccines this will be the first day I can sleep really well.”

Chief Boone had her first shot this morning.  Every member of Portland Fire is scheduled to come in for a vaccination .  The effort is very coordinated.  The shots are administered at the Portland Fire and Rescue Safety and Training Center  in Northeast Portland.

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