Portland Film Festival Starts Monday

The 4th Annual Portland Film Festival starts on Monday, August 29th and between then and September 5th more than 120 films will be shown. All festival films will be seen at the Laurelhurst Theater. The movies are full-length features and short subjects. You’ll find true life documentaries and heavy drama. And as always, and with most festivals, a boatload of comedy as well.

Like all festivals, the Portland Film Festival is a unique movie experience. And this festival is growing in popularity and is getting noticed by film and festival fans the world over.

Click here to access the festival website.

Click here for an in depth interview with festival founder Josh Leake.

Gary Wolcott has been a movie consultant for KXL since 2014. A lifelong fan of film, he’s been a film critic in radio, television and newspaper for 25-years. Wolcott catches a couple of hundred movies a year and he sees a great many of them so you don’t have to.

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