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Portland Doctor Questions Trump’s Medical Team

A local doctor has joined the voices in the medical community questioning the judgment of President Trump’s team.

Thrilled Trump supporters cheered and greeted the President as he waved to them from a car outside Walter Reed Medical Center Sunday.

However Oregon Health Sciences University’s Dr. Esther Choo was NOT thrilled. She said, “His behaviors, his treatment course is not being directed by his doctors.  There’s no doctor who would say now is the time for a joyride around the hospital.”

The Professor of Emergency Medicine says the decision to put Trump on the steroid Dexmethasone shows he could have a more serious case of COVID-19 than his doctors have acknowledged. She tells MSNBC, its side effects can include impaired judgment: “When we put patients on high dose steroids like that, we monitor them very closely because there’s a host of side effects including impact on their mental health and decision making.”

However, Trump’s former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski defended the decision to take the President out in his car to wave at supporters despite being contagious.

Lewandowski said, “It’s my understanding that the detail leader of the Secret Service and the driver both volunteered for that assignment. And there was a piece of plexiglass I believe between the President and the two Secret Service agents who were in the vehicle.”

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