Ridgefield, Wash. – We are now hearing both 911 calls made by Portland Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty and her Lyft Driver, after her ride was canceled mid-trip. Commissioner Hardesty was at the Ilani casino in Ridgefield and called for a ride Sunday night November 1st.

The misunderstandings with the 63-year-old Lyft Driver from Beaverton started when he went to the front door to get her, but she was waiting at a side door. During the ride she wanted the windows rolled up. He had two front windows cracked open for air circulation – which is Lyft company protocol for coronavirus safety, since the two can’t be six feet apart in the confided space in the car. He rolled them up more – but left them slightly cracked open.

He tells Oregonlive that’s when Hardesty went ballistic, so he decided to cancel the ride and pulled over to a Chevron station off I-5. He says she wanted him to take her back to the casino or to her destination. but he canceled the ride – so no money was exchanged. That’s about the time Commissioner Hardesty called 911.

Dispatch explained neither of them were breaking any laws and that she had to call to get another ride. That’s about the time the driver also called 911.

Commissioner Hardesty says it was dark out and she didn’t want to leave the car for safety reasons.

He says the gas station was lit up like a football field, had plenty of light, and was a safe place she could get another ride.  The driver says he didn’t even realize it was a Portland city commissioner, he was just doing his job.

Hardesty ordered another ride and both went on their way.

Dispatch records say she wouldn’t get out “because it was cold and she was a woman and alone.”

We have reached out to Commissioner Hardesty’s office multiple times today, have left emails with her and her staff, and have left multiple voicemails. We have not heard back.

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