Portland City Council Hears From The Public On Surplus Spending

PORTLAND, Ore– The Portland City council listened to some 7 hours of testimony from residents and business owners in the Rose City.  Nearly 300 signed up to make their wishes known about how a 62 million dollar surplus should be spent.  Some said  not enough was being to support small business.  Others expressed concern about homeless blocking streets and sidewalks so those with physical disabilities could not pass.  Homelessness and the houseless communities were addressed.  Some asked for more better trained, empathetic police.  Others wanted the murders and other crimes to stop.

By the end of the evening Mayor Ted Wheeler and Commissioners decided to vote on amendments that would move the process forward.  they all agreed they needed to think more about what they heard before signing off on anything.  The budget surplus will be reviewed again next Wednesday November 17th.

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