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Porch Pirates

Would you let a stranger in your garage if it would keep a stranger from stealing off your porch?

Summer time is a busy time for package thieves. That’s because there are more and more deliveries and people are often on vacation. There’s one company that thinks it has the answer. Chamberlain garage door openers recently teamed up with Amazon to allow delivery drivers to drop off in your garage. Tyler Lenczuk,  the director of deliveries,  says people were nervous about the  in-home delivery approach  because people didn’t want to let strangers in their homes when they weren’t there.  But, he thinks they’ll be okay with people coming into their garages.

What about YOU? Are you comfortable with Amazon deliveries being dropped off INSIDE your garage?

Read more about this garage approach:

Other tips on how to keep your packages stolen (from a Christmas time article…but still appropriate)


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