Police Race To Portland Hospital Following Gang Retaliation Shooting

PORTLAND, Ore. — Several days after Portland Police, the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office and FBI accelerated efforts to attack the city’s gun violence crisis head-on, gang retaliation took place on Swan Island Sunday night.

Family and friends of a murder victim gathered at a McDonald’s restaurant following a funeral.  Four people were shot.  They all are expected to survive.  Detectives recovered at least 50 bullet shells from the parking lot.  Two occupied semi-tractor trailer vehicles and buildings on the island were hit with bullets.

Relatives and friends took the victims to the hospital and emotions were running high.  Staff say individuals were combative with staff and several members of the crowd were reported to be armed.

After 10pm, Portland Police issued a Code 0 (Zero), quickly sending all available squad cars near Emanuel Hospital in North Portland to the hospital.  Officers blocked off entry to the Emergency Department, fearing more gang fights and possible gun violence.

“Code 0 means available cars come, stage and get ready to come in.  Code 1 is driving normally, Code 2 is traveling with lights on, Code 3 is lights and sirens.  Code 0 is rare,” said Lieutenant Greg Pashley with Portland Police.

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